On the morning of March 14th, the Chinese art show was held at Riverview High School, where Liu Xiaowei teaches as a Chinese teacher, ended smoothly. The art show, which was completed by high school teachers, students and CI teachers, set off an upsurge of Chinese style.
There were a lot of "special thinkings" from the arrangement of the cast members to the interlinks. The hosts were a combination of Canadian students and international students, which meant the inclusiveness of multiculturalism. The dragon dance was the beginning of this show, and the "Green Snake" followed with a dynamic and static combination to show the beauty of the east. Li Kequan, a 12th grade student, sang "If Love Is Heaven's Will" in Chinese, clearly pronouncing a rich voice, which gave the song a unique feeling..

The Hanfu T-stage show "Dream" was unveiled and completed by volunteer teacher Xu Mengke's high school club and drama club members.
In addition to the Chinese style, another feature of this event was highly interactive. Liang Jiayi performed martial arts and taught them on the scene after the performance.
Liu Xiaowei and the high school teacher sang "You and me". The lyrics "You and me, mind upon mind, meeting in Riverview" expressed the sincere exchange of the teachers and students of CI and the precious friendship between the two sides. As the stadium lights dimmed, all the audience stood up and waved their mobile phones to the music, just like a long-cherished wish under the stars. But this was not the ending. Chen Zhisheng’s "See you again" with the drummer attracted the audience to sing along, and made a curtain call in joy and affection.

After the assembly ended, more than 400 questionnaires were received. The students said that this assembly deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, stimulated their interest, and helped their learning intercultural. One student said that I will consider choosing a Chinese course, and I am looking forward to being an actor in a part of this kind of assembly next time.


      3月14日上午,汉语教师刘晓唯所在的河景高中(Riverview High School)中国艺术汇演顺利结束。这场全部由高中师生及孔院教师完成的艺术汇演掀起了一场中国风的热潮。
      刘晓唯与高中教师对唱《我和你》,歌词“我和你,心连心,相约在河景”道出了孔院师生真诚交流的心声与双方珍贵的友谊。随着场馆灯光褪暗,全体观众纷纷起立随音乐挥舞手机闪光,如同在星空下的一曲夙愿。但这并不是结束,陈志圣一曲二胡与鼓手搭配的《See you again》引发全场合唱,在欢乐与感动中谢幕演出。